Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ata-ata/Kappukan/Kilawen a Pinapaitan (Raw Beef Tenderloin and Liver)

 Pinapaitan is a genuine Ilocano dish served in hot soup or as kilawen (kilawin, raw). Usually, it is called ata-ata or kappukan when served as kilawen and  is best paired with  favorite brand of hard drinks.


With the right amount of iodized salt, just garnish it with finely chopped onions and garlic plus the bile or boiled pespes (bitter juice extracted from the grass inside the cow's/carabao's/goat's small intestines) as the main highlight of the ata-ata/kappukan.  

Mixing the pespes into the prepared raw beef tenderloin and liver

The ata-ata or kappukan ready for pulotan

This exotic pulotan is very easy to prepare but hard to resist especially when the sweetness of the raw meat flavored with the unique taste of pespes already landed in your taste buds.

Carabeef tenderloin and liver, goat’s innards and skin are also best for pinapaitan.--O